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Are You A Self-saboteur?

Just about everyone looks for love at some stage in their life and most of us want someone we c...

Casual Sex Is a Prevalent Long-Term Mating Strategy

An article in Scientific American features the recent work of The Kinsey Institute’s Justin G...

How To Naturally Approach Mature Women

I think that with being surrounded by mainstream pick-up, most men in the seduction community...

Road Rules of Dating

Call me old fashioned, but even after divorce there are still some road rules for divorce tha...
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Senior Dating : What The Piss?

You're probably checking this blog on a daily basis, waiting on me to make my return. Other t...

The Indispensability of Fathers

Approximately 30% of all American children are born into single-parent homes, and for the bla...

Why Relationship Drama is Addictive, and What To Do About It

“I’ve had relationship issues. I liked pain. I was addicted to drama. Jealousy was the best. I co...

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