Illinois SBDC - Lake County

Senior Dating : What The Piss?

by Free Okcupid

You're probably checking this blog on a daily basis, waiting on me to make my return. Other than the reader mail and special requests (speaking of which, I'll post some reader mail tomorrow), I have absolutely NO intention of ever returning to the blog or pick-up community. And to further solidify that, I've already figured out what I'm going to do. I'm going into the fashion field.

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I've taken about a year to think about this, and I am 100% sure that it's what I want to do. It allows me to be creative; it's forever changing, so I'll never get bored; and if I choose to continue my writing, I can do it on that industry. I just don't see myself ever leaving it to return to pick-up.

It should be a very natural transition for me. I'd only have to go back to school for a year, I already have a solid family background in the area to give me a slight advantage, I love fashion dearly, and I already shop for most of my friends as it is, so why not move into the industry and actually get paid to do something in it?

I believe that this is the career field where I actually feel like I'm home and very comfortable in. With videogames, sure I was good, but I never could connect with nerds, as I already had a real social life outside of videogames. That, and I absolutely hate programming. With pick-up, it really is a stagnated career field. Most of what's going to be discovered, already has, which leads to boredom and repeating the same shit every weekend had I chose to do bootcamps full time.

Most of all, I really don't click with most mature guys in the dating community. I'm not into that hocus pocus spiritual mumbo jumbo. I'm not stuck on sleeping with every girl that I come across. And I'm just not into social awkwardness and not having a real social life outside of "pick-up, pick-up, pick-up.". That being said, I absolutely love being around fashion types. These are people that I actually WANT to hang around in my spare time. Nothing against PUA's, but outside of the internet, we are not the same. What you see here is just a small window of my life.

Fashion means everything to me. If I could ever see myself doing anything 24/7 and giving up whatever it takes to be successful, then fashion is it. So what will I be up to? I'm going to completely throw out and upgrade my wardrobe within the next few months, and move away from the douchebag look. I'll also be spending most of my time absorbing any and everything I can about fashion. And at some point, I might start a fashion blog.

What does all of that mean for this blog? It's staying up, although there is no chance in hell that I will ever return to it on the scale previously seen. Like I said, I'll only be doing reader mail, special requests, and posting my occasional thoughts every now and then. On the bright side, if I do decide to start a fashion blog, you'll still get fresh advice from me that will be useful in picking up senior women, as every mature woman loves a fly guy.