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How To Naturally Approach Mature Women

by Free Okcupid

I think that with being surrounded by mainstream pick-up, most men in the seduction community think that they need some kind of fancy non-natural routine to approach mature women with. I, however, think it’s completely unnecessary and it causes most men to get stuck in a state of analysis paralysis. I’m not knocking any guy that does the technical style of game, or saying that it doesn’t work, but what I am saying is that there is a much easier, natural way to pick up mature women; and in most cases, it makes them much easier to deal with later on.

If you’re not familiar with my stories yet, then you know that I get approached by mature women enough to where I don’t even have to bother approaching if I don’t want to. Mature women approaching me isn’t the big deal, the big deal is how they approached me and some of those thought processes. What I’ve come to find, is that mature women have more common sense game than men, high value people tend to evaluate those who approach them in the same way, and also approach potential mates the same way. So in this post, I’m going to allow you to briefly get inside of our heads during an approach.

When a mature woman is trying to make eye contact with me, I know that she is into me, and when I return it, she knows that I’m checking her out as well. Now, what many seduction community guys will do when they get eye contact for whatever reason (Pull: social status, looks, etc.), they’ll approach with a huge smile, start doing back turns, running routines, etc. I don’t think that they understand that when they get eye contact, all of this is completely unnecessary and actually serves to work against the guy.

When these girls approach me, they’re very relaxed and they keep the conversation simple, and I actually appreciate it. When a woman approaches me in a very relaxed sort of way, it says that she is confident, not intimidated by me, and at the same time, she’s not trying to impress me. When mature women approach me all loud and full of energy, it makes me question it if I'm not as energetic as well; it's kind of a red flag.

And when she has this huge smile for no reason, it doesn’t necessarily make me disqualify her, but it makes me wonder why she has this unwarranted smile on her face. In a sense, smiling before warranted is a display of lower value. If anything, when approaching mature women, approach firmly, but with a relaxed face, and don’t smile until warranted or until she smiles first.

But what about if you aren’t getting eye contact? Approach single mature women and/or sets of no more than two mature women. I also want to reiterate that before you even approach, mature women have already evaluated you, and this is why it is important to be aware of yourself. When a woman approaches me, I recall who I’ve seen her with, what I’ve seen her doing, and I evaluate how she looks. Looks aren’t everything, but I evaluate her looks to see if she looks like my type of girl. What many of you don’t understand, is that if you approach a girl, and she responds warmly, you have already won the battle.

The above is why so many men lose girls and/or end up with flakes. They try to do too much. Within the first 15-30 seconds, you should know whether or not you’re going to pull the girl. Why? Because she has already evaluated you (ask any woman). This is exactly why I put so much emphasis on what you do before the approach (i.e. your style, hygiene, status). Many mature women understand that when they approach me and I respond warmly, they have already won the battle, and therefore, don’t need to do anything spectacular to win me over.

So what do you say when you actually approach? The same thing mature women say to me when they approach me and what I say to them when I approach them: I saw you standing over here, so I thought I’d come talk to you; I like what I see. Do you like what you see?; I think you’re cute and I wanna get to know you. Are you cool with that?; You were looking kind of lonely, so I thought I’d come introduce myself. The lines aren’t what matters. What matters is that they’re simple, and in no way do they imply trying to impress.

Again, I’m not saying that the technical way of doing things doesn’t work, but what I am saying is that in many cases it can actually work against you, and makes things more difficult than what they really are. And when you keep things simple when you approach, you set the precedent of not needing to perform and be all technical during the rest of your interactions. Why? Because she has already accepted you for who you are. And it’s always much easier to be who you are than it is to be someone that you’re not.