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Online Dating

by John Max

As I told you guys before, I conduct online game in very much the same way I conduct game in real life. In other words, I let my profile do the work for me, I don't go looking for females to hit on. Every girl that I have fucked that I met online, came to me. In other words, I was chosen. So, let's get to business:

First, you want to get your profile picture in order. One thing that you'll notice about my Facebook profile picture, is that it shows a clean, clear shot of my face. Not only that, but I am smiling, showing a clear shot of my teeth.

groom and bride photo

What does this say? It says that my face, nor my teeth are jacked up, and that I am a confident in my appearance. What you'll notice about guys that lack confidence, is that they don't show a clear picture of their face, they don't smile, and they oftentimes post a group picture. Instantly, brides are going to think that you have something to hide about your appearance, and that you lack confidence in yourself.

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While we're on the subject of pictures, let's move on to the rest of the pictures of you. If you look at mine, you'll notice a few things. One, most of them look like I'm having fun. I'm smiling in most of them or doing something wild. It implies that I am an exciting guy with lots of friends, and I am.

Secondly, notice the pictures of me with brides. There are several. Look at my positioning. In most of those pictures, the brides are circled around me, or they have their arms (or lips) on me. Some of you guys take pics of you with YOUR arm around girls, YOU kissing them, or YOU and another guy with them.

Notice the difference? It looks as though YOU'RE TRYING TO GET THE GIRLS. In most of my pics, it looks like the GIRLS are trying to COME AFTER ME. And 99% of the time, that's the case. I don't really bother to take pictures unless these girls bug me to take one. The main point that I want to get across is that I'm really not trying, and it shows.

On to your actual profile. Notice how I don't really list my interests or activities. Why? Because that is something that is EARNED. What it does, is entice a woman to want to find out about me. No, it's no tactic, it's just how I am. I don't really give up information about myself easily, and every single girl that I've dated will tell you that.

Moving on, I am very upfront about who I am. One of the very first things on my profile says "I am a dickhead. I am a jerk. I am an asshole." Followed by two quotes that could possibly scare brides away. And that's the point. I am weeding out the brides that I DON'T WANT. I don't want uptight brides that get pissed off over petty things like that. I want easy going, upbeat brides that don't take everything too seriously.

Now what usually happens at this point, is the girl will add me as a friend or send me a message. I don't want shy girls, so I don't even bother messaging random girls that add me and don't send me a message. I won't even bother to look at their profile. However, if she sends me a message, then it's game on.

I'll look at her profile and trade maybe a message or two (if she meets my physical reqs), then I immediately cut the bullshit. If she messaged me, then she probably has already admitted to herself that she's attracted to me in one way or another. At this point, I am going to let her know that I want to meet up. I don't waste time chit-chatting online or over the phone.

By this point, I have yet to have a girl not want to meet me. Like I said, I don't really do online game, because I don't need to. Nor do I have the time. But every month or two, a girl will contact me, and we'll meet up.